18 December 2017

Taxation of cryptocurrencies

Currently, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin ("BTC") is for the first time passing the threshold of USD 20,000 per BTC and setting a new record. The phenomenal rise in price of the BTC recently, but also the increased use of cryptocurrencies in daily life (e.g. purchasing BTC at Swiss Railway Company ticket vending machines or the paying for the services of the company register of the canton of Zug with BTC) has led to more and more people wanting to join the party. Accordingly the tax treatment of cryptocurrencies has greatly gained in importance.

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15 November 2016

Tax relief for start-up founders in Zurich

In future, new start-ups, i.e., their shares as part of the assets of the start-up founders  will be taxed only at net asset value "until representative business results are available". There is fierce international competition to stand out as a start-up hub. Swiss cities compete with Berlin, Singapore, London and, more recently, Barcelona, and regularly achieve high rankings as attractive locations. After successfully lobbying by the start-up scene, the canton of Zurich has now eliminated a serious tax hurdle.

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04 August 2016

Argentina: Voluntary Disclosure Program offers interesting opportunities for regularization of assets

On July 22, 2016, Argentina enacted the already expected Law 27,260, which, among others, provides for a tax amnesty program and as well as a tax moratorium for individuals, undivided estates and business entitities domiciled or resident in Argentina as per December 31, 2015. On July 28, 2016, the responsible Ministry issued the respective Regulatory Decree (Decree No 895/2016).
The tax amnesty program is valid until March 31, 2017; whether or not it may be extended is obviously not known yet.

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