23 May 2017

Why should I care about Brexit?

At the IBA Litigation Conference in Zurich at the beginning of this month, one session was dedicated to the impact of Brexit to the statutory landscape relevant for litigators. Many litigators will have thought before that session: Why should I care about Brexit? The answer came quickly and clearly. Brexit will have negative consequences on the allocation of jurisdiction between States and the recognition and enforcement of judgments.

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23 February 2017

Composition proceedings have been opened against my contractual partner – what now?

Composition proceedings – What is at issue?
Composition proceedings are a legally regulated settlement of debts procedure. They basically serve the financial rehabilitation of the debtor, a natural or legal person.

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31 January 2017

Bankruptcy proceedings have been opened against my contractual partner -

What does that mean for me?

Bankruptcy proceedings – What is at issue?
If bankruptcy proceedings are opened against a natural or legal person, all the pledgeable assets (not income) form the bankruptcy estate, and the bankrupt loses the power of disposal.
Not only for the bankrupt, but also for any contractual partners, the opening of bankruptcy proceedings causes some changes, and the contractual partners are well advised to pay particular attention to the following points:

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