08 May 2017

Work permit for business trips to Switzerland?

The question of whether a Schengen visa is sufficient for third-country nationals in Switzerland for a brief business stay or whether a special permit ("Permit") is required is raised repeatedly. In case of doubt, it is advisable to apply for a Permit.

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09 February 2017

Housing for foreign workers in Zurich

Rented apartments in the city of Zurich are very popular. Accordingly, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find affordable living space. Experts talk about the overbought market or even housing shortages. The fact is that the housing market in Zurich is profitable for investors. A lucrative business model to capitalize on the current situation is the rental of fully furnished apartments, equipped with WLAN, cleaning and/or laundry service; so-called serviced apartments.

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19 December 2016

Implementation of the mass immigration initiative

The parliamentary resolution on the mass immigration initiative is controversial. SP, FDP, Greens, GLP, and BDP have come to an agreement on a proposal for the implementation which will secure the agreement on free movement of persons with the EU, but which contradicts the wording and mandate of the constitutional article in the mass immigration initiative adopted by the electorate. CVP and SVP resisted the union in vain, arguing that the popular will is not being implemented correctly. In the final vote on Friday, the National Council voted to amend the revision proposal by 98 votes to 67 with 33 abstentions. The idea of quotas, which was anchored in the Federal Council's preliminary draft as a compromise solution, was completely rejected by the parliament. Instead, they are proposing a priority for unemployed persons of certain professional groups registered with the unemployment agency.

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