15 November 2016

Tax relief for start-up founders in Zurich

In future, new start-ups, i.e., their shares as part of the assets of the start-up founders  will be taxed only at net asset value "until representative business results are available". There is fierce international competition to stand out as a start-up hub. Swiss cities compete with Berlin, Singapore, London and, more recently, Barcelona, and regularly achieve high rankings as attractive locations. After successfully lobbying by the start-up scene, the canton of Zurich has now eliminated a serious tax hurdle.

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20 September 2016

Residence permits only for well-integrated foreigners

During their autumn session, the majority of the National Council was in favour of a tightening of the Immigration and Integration Law:

  • a permanent residence permit (C-permit) should only be issued to those who are de-monstrably well-integrated;
  • in addition, there should be to no legal right to a C-permit;
  • the immigration status of a person should, in future, be revocable at any time if they show no willingness to integrate.
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13 September 2016

Will Switzerland soon be researching alone?

"Scientists' fear is growing," headlined the NZZ recently. As a consequence of its adoption of the mass immigration initiative the EU has shut Switzerland out of the European research cooperation Horizon 2020 and the student exchange program Erasmus +. As a result, research and innovation in Switzerland is in danger of being sidelined. Numerous Swiss research projects are threatened with failure, and the attraction of Switzerland for talented foreign students could thus disappear. Should Switzerland not fully accept the Croatia Protocol by February 2017 they will entirely cease to be part of the programs and will only be considered as a third country.

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