06 June 2018

Ambush-Marketing: Associating major events in advertising

In principle, advertising in Switzerland may refer to major events, even if the promoted provider is neither an organizer nor a sponsor. However, advertisers must observe a number of rules when using such associations.

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23 May 2018

Modernised Swiss regime for cross-border insolvencies

Cross-border insolvencies are often complicated and time-consuming. In the regulated financial sector, significant efforts have already been made in Switzerland and internationally to streamline these processes and to facilitate cooperation between the relevant authorities across jurisdictions. Forthcoming changes to the Swiss Law on Private International Law (PILA) seek to modernise the general regime applicable in Switzerland to cross-border insolvencies outside of the regulated financial sector. The revised rules are expected to enter into force at some point in 2019.

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17 May 2018

Online Enforcement: Instruments against Internet piracy in the new Swiss copyright law (no. 3)

Our series "Online Enforcement" deals with particularities in the enforcement of rights on the Internet.

The planned revision of copyright law is intended to offer right holders more effective tools against online piracy. To this end, the law applies to hosting providers and creates a legal basis for the processing of personal data by rights holders.

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