15 May 2018

Forum Running – Switzerland takes the lead

The Swiss Federal Supreme Court reduces the requirement for the legal interest in a declaratory judgment in an international context and thereby allows proceedings to be moved to Switzerland by means of actions for negative declaration.

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23 April 2018

When do you have to disclose your Shareholding in a Swiss Target?

Shareholder Activism Series: A Primer on the Swiss Legal Framework

This blog series puts the spotlight on legal issues relevant to activist shareholders and event-driven institutional investors in Swiss target companies and introduces market participants from abroad to the pillars of Switzerland's legal framework.

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18 April 2018

The Role of Hosting Providers (No. 2)

Our series "Online Enforcement" deals with particularities in the enforcement of rights on the Internet.

In the case of online infringements, content removal regularly has priority for the rights holder. Swiss industry standards enable hosting providers to block access to their customers' infringing content.

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