13 November 2017

Discovery (viz., the lack thereof)

"US Spotlight" blog series: demystifying Swiss arbitration for the US litigator (Volume 5 of 10)

This blog series provides the US litigator with a practical understanding of Swiss arbitration. It compares a Swiss arbitral proceeding under the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration ("Swiss Rules"), though other rules, e.g., the International Chamber of Commerce ("ICC") Rules, are often used, with a dispute in US Federal District Court ("USDC").

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13 November 2017

What must be considered before a startup  is incorporated? 10 FAQs.

The formal incorporation of a company by a notary is clearly not the first step in a startup project. What do the founders have to pay particular attention to in this early phase? The VISCHER Startup Desk answers the 10 most frequently asked questions.

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09 November 2017

Further update on the contractual recognition of a stay on termination rights

ISDA has launched the Swiss Module to the ISDA Resolution Stay Jurisdictional Modular Protocol

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (ISDA) has launched a Swiss Jurisdictional Module (Swiss Module) to the ISDA Resolution Stay Jurisdictional Modular Protocol (Protocol). It provides Swiss banks and their counterparties with an efficient mechanism to implement the contractual recognition requirement set forth in art. 12 para. 2bis of the Banking Ordinance. This is the fourth jurisdictional module launched by ISDA since it published the Protocol in May 2016.

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